Thursday, March 6, 2008

Surger Selling & Savings Fund (SSSF): Part 1

I posted my beloved Coach bag on Ebay last night. $77 BIN or bid, it's $.01 no reserve. Check out the listing here for more pics.

In an effort to help grow my Surger Savings Fund, I gathered all of the random change from all around the house... there was a big pile on top of the washing machine, a good bit in the office, of course tons scattered on top of mine and Matt's dresser. I have also been tossing change into this Tiffany & Co. bag for a while now, it's about 2" deep with change. And there's some in a box in my dresser too. I haven't counted it yet, but I'm hoping it's at least $30. I'm really hoping the Coach bag will sell for at least $70... then I'll hopefully have $100, which means I'll be ALMOST HALF WAY TO MY GOAL!!! My goal is $250. All you ladies with $1000 machines, don't laugh :-). No, I can't afford to spend that much on a machine.... I didn't even spend that much on my living room furniture (which is still quite fabulous I must say, we got it at the Rooms to Go outlet here in Ga. for quite a steal $800)... see pic below.

Now that I've mentioned the Tiffany & Co. bag, I just remembered that THAT would have been a great thing to sell for $$! I had this awesome tag toggle necklace and matching bracelet that were originally around $600 I think (I've had it for a while now... plus it was a gift so I really shouldn't know how much it costed, but I do lol). Anyways.... here's the sad story of the Tiffany set gone missing- The set was inside my purse. I left my purse sitting on top of my car while I buckled Kaytlin into her carseat, I was waaaaay out in the boondocks. Well, I forgot to grab it. It was a Coach Carly bag so it was big and kinda floppy, and of course not zipped. It flew off the car a few miles down the road. A nice Christian woman picked it up, found my cell inside, and called my mom. I got the purse back, but the Tiffany jewelry was nowhere to be found. She said all of my things were scattered all over the side of the road and she grabbed what she saw. I don't think the lady stole it because she would have also kept the $300 bag if that was the case lol. DANG ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hmm.... what else can I sell??? My other Coach bag is beat to hades and back due to the whole flying off the car incident, so that's out of the question. Since ebay has upped there seller fees so much, it'll be really hard for me to do what I did last year and just have a big ebay yard sale, selling any and everything that I no longer need or want that's worth more than a few bucks. We're going to have a big yard sale in a few weeks.... and we've got lots of furniture and other big stuff we're going to get rid of, but the majority of that $$ is going to go towards house improvements.... we need so many things. Well, we don't really NEED them.... but we really WANT to fix the hot tub and the big screen that the old owners left for us. With the big screen fixed, we'll be able to decorate the bonus room! Which I kinda started on last night and want to blog about, but this one is already getting really long so I think I'll leave it at that.

In conclusion.... check out my bag I'm selling, check back for more things I'll be selling for surger $$, and don't forget to check out my etsy store! All purchases will get be a little closer to my $250 goal!! One more thing.... if you have any tips on how I can earn a little extra cash (aside from getting a second job... I only need $250 lol) let me know. THANKS!

Here's the living room furniture I was talking about..... well, half of it at least :-P

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