Tuesday, March 4, 2008

I WILL have a surger!!!

The one and only thing that is holding me back from creating and selling absolutely fabulous custom boutique clothing is the fact that I do not have a surger. Granted, my seams are good... I zig-zag and trim them neatly. But no one is going to pay $50++ for an outfit with unsurged seams. I have so many ideas! I am constantly sketching outfits that I want to make, but I can't because I don't have a surger. Well, I COULD, but I prefer to make things I can actually sell.

So I've decided to do what I did this time last year, sell like mad on ebay. I'm starting with a Coach bag that has been sitting in my closet for a while now. Last year I made over $400 selling stuff I no longer need or could live without... in a matter of a few months. I only need $250 to get a basic surger that will perform the tasks I am looking for. There are much more fancier models out there, but I'm just looking for something to finish seams right now. Maybe once business gets good and cranked up I'll buy a better one, but only if I can pay for it with my profits.

My ebay user id is coachlover930. There's nothing listed yet, I'll post a blog later or tomorrow once I get some things listed. Considering that I've got a sewing project upstairs waiting for me, it might be tomorrow before I start listing items... plus I'm a little rusty on my ebay skills because it's been almost a year since I've sold anything there, so it might take me a while to get my listings built nicely. Can we say Auctiva?

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