Friday, October 17, 2008

Pillowcase Dress Measurements +info for googlers

First and foremost.... please read this blog entry. It is very important. Thanks!

Sometimes I like to add posts just for the googlers... I know how it is to search the web over for info and can't find it. I noticed in my analytics today that someone landed on my page from google searching the above subject.

Here's how I do it....

For the length, I measure my DD from just below the collar bone down to the desired length (which for me is the knee), and add 1 1/2" seam allowance for the casing at the top and 1/2" seam allowance for the bottom hem.

For the width, I take the measurement of one of my daughters losely fitting shirts and add 3-5" depending on how puffy I want it to be.

I prefer more a pillowcase style top rather than a dress. They are still adorable and can be easily worn with pants. For that, I add about 3" onto the width of one of her shirts, for a dress I add about 5" to make it nice and full.

Here is the result.... (these are from this spring/summer)

Dress style

Top style

More for the googlers....

I bought the fabric for my daughters pettiskirt from AFC-Express. The fabric used is 15 denier nylon chiffon. BTW I will be selling the pettiskirt on ebay. As much as I hate to, I really need the money. Consider it like a charity auction lol. See here for more info on why.

An EXCELLENT place to get info for making bows (bow making for dummies) is Awesome. Lots of tutorials on making bows and running a successful hairbow business.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Ebay destash continues

I am still destashing! It is taking a while to get decent pictures taken. The sun goes down earlier now... so the dining room light isn't so great by the time I get to take pictures. Ugh.
I talked to my insurance company today and was quite disappointed to find out that I was MISINFORMED and my actual out of pocket will be $3,500. So I'm either going to have to sell my appendix on ebay or I'm going to have to wait a little while longer. See my other blog for the details on all that drama. I'm going to continue to save like crazy and sell stuff on ebay. Every little bit helps!

To all of my wonderful readers in blog land, please check out my listings. You might not find something you want, but who knows you might! So far I've listed the bulk of the fabric I'm willing to part with at this point as well as all of the patterns I intend to sell. If I get desperate (which probably will happen), I'll be listing more. There's several designer fabrics up now, and I've got one more to list. I just need to re-take pictures of several... some looked just plain terrible!

Here's the link to view my current listings. Their are quite a few now... about 19 and more to come.

Monday, October 13, 2008

I really need your help....

I've told you about my secret. Well... I had my portion ($2,000) saved. Thanks to my daughters birthday along with a whole tailspin of other stuff I need to come up with $1,200 FAST! Like hopefully in less than two weeks! It's going to be a challenge.

So what's my recourse? Ebay. I've listed a few things already.... and I'm getting ready to post a HUMONGOUS destash. Like an entire laundry basket of fabric, a big bag of yarn/knitting/crochet destash, zippers, I mean just a ton of stuff. I hate to let it go. I truly do. It took a long time to get a respectable hoard! And my scraps... my precious scraps... they are like little honor badges of completed projects. I'm destashing a T-O-N of scraps. I'm not even done taking pictures of the fabric. There's lots. I'll post pics after I list the items. I really hate to get rid of my scraps *tear*. For those who are curious, the scraps include designers like Amy Butler, Sandi Henderson, Jennifer Paganelli, Anna Maria Horner, Freshcut, Michael Miller, Alexander Henry, I mean the list is endless. Tons of scraps. Lots of BIG pieces, lots of cut squares, and lots of awesome scrappy scraps.

So.... I really need your help. Feel free to bid, spread the word, show some love.

Click the link below to check out my current listings!*boutique

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Jewelry Contest

I was just over at 'everything your mama made & more' when I read about the contest going on! It's not sewing related, but still awesome. Shezarealgem Designs is giving away a $20 gift card on her blog. Naturally I went over to Shezarealgem Designs on etsy and saw some of the amazing jewelry I've admired for quite a while. Who could help but admire these babies? They are gorgeous! The 'about me' section of the blog entry is quite inspiring.

You know I wouldn't say this, or put someone else in my blog, if I didn't mean it, right? I don't blog contests just for the extra entries... I like to share amazing etsians for the heck of it, so if I can win something why not give it a shot? lol. But really, check her out.

Cake decorating supplies

In a sad attempt to make up for spending WAAAAAAY too much money on my daughters birthday and party, I'm going to sell a few things on ebay. If I get manic it might turn into an all out online yard sale.
I just listed some cake decorating stuff.... some is new, and what isn't new has literally been used ONCE! I swear! There's nothing wrong with the stuff, I just don't have a need for it. If I ever make a cake again, it'll be for my daughters birthday next year. So I really don't want to have this stuff around for a whole year.

So please.... do a broke friend a favor and bid... lol

I would offer some kind of promo, some $ off for mentioning you linked over from the blog, but I don't expect the listing to go high enough for that. Sowwy.

Til next time.... I'm off to dig up something else to sell... lol

Monday, October 6, 2008

Birthday party!!

I'm waiting on pics from a couple of people, because I didn't get a chance to take very many at the party. I was a little too busy chasing children and entertaining.

Everything was so much fun! Everything turned out exactly the way I wanted it to. All of our guests seemed to have a good time.

Here are some pics of the decor. My mom and step dad did most of it (I was too busy being SICK all week and making her cake, which we'll discuss in a minute)....

I truly regret not taking more pictures!!! We had a big moonwalk and helium balloons tied everywhere.... on the front porch, back porch, chairs, etc.

And now on to the cake.... the final and last MMF cake I'll probably ever make....

It's a crappy pic, again... I'm sorry... I was seriously busy.

I made all of the little boys capes with there initials (hence why it's pretty important to SHOW UP when you say for weeks that you are coming ;-) but I still love you Miss B). All of the little girls got tutus in the theme colors.... pink, black, and white. I didn't have much black tulle so most of them were white and pink.

The little girl wore the pettiskirt outfit featured in my last post. I barely managed to put on makeup and clean clothing. I was sick all last week and I still don't feel that great. I've had a bad sinus infection. Ick. Not contageous though. And, yes.... I washed my hands repeatedly.

We played a game too... my mom (who did most of the work and the cleaning, thank you mom!!!!) hid fondant stars all around the downstairs and outside (it was a last minute game, otherwise I would have thought of something better to hide lol). Girls searched for pink stars, boys for white. The two who collected the most got a calendar (Mustang calendar for the boy, Tink calendar for the girl).

I bought the stuff for everyone to make their own hunky bead necklaces, but after K opened her presents everyone was pretty much interested in that. The little girls escaped to the bonus room to put in the Hannah Montana instructional dance DVD and the little boys were still looking for stars lol.... and playing outside.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Kaytlin's Birthday day & Pettiskirt

These pics are from yesterday, her 5th birthday! We're having her party this coming Saturday. I made the pettiskirt. I'm in the process of working up a tutorial, not sure if I'll give it away or sell it. If I sell it, it'll be $5 or less.

Good morning sunshine! Lets get that hair brushed! (note the pink streaks)

"Mommy, I want McDonalds for breakfast!" You got it babe...

"How old are you today, Kaytlin???" 5!

We picked her up from school with a huge balloon and a bouquet of flowers in tow.

"Let me in! I want my presents!" Check out the bow.... thanks appleblossombows! The bow rocks!!!

I LOVE my new room!!

True Divas do wardrobe changes =)

We went out and ate mexican.... the pictures are on Matt's phone. I'll post those later. Cute. I made the skirt and the shirt is a iron on rhinestone applique. The pettiskirt was not easy.... well, it was easy, but it took HOURS AND HOURS!

Here's a video of the "Grand reveal" of her gifts from us...

>>>> Okay I totally tried to use the blogger video upload function but it took 2 hours and still wasn't done loading, so here's the youtube video!!