Friday, March 7, 2008

SSSF Part 2: Mac has lots of our $$

Between Matt and I, we have two 30GB iPods and he has an iPhone that (IMO) outperforms the iPod and has plenty of room for his tunes. So really we have an extra iPod....

I'm going to write this blog as I take my mini-journey to get the scoop on this ipod... exactly what IS it?

I googled.... apparently there are a million different 5th generation ipods. I really want to find out exactly what kind this is. And apparently the apple site isn't 100% correct when using the serial # because some people in forums have newer ipods than apple says they are. So far all I know is it's a 5th generation, it plays videos, and it's 30GB.

Light bulb came on.... go to the 'About' menu on the ipod itself, duuh! Found the actual model # (because the # etched on the back is the model for ALL 5th generation ipods... there are several versions).

Alas... I found a site that lists all of the specs for my particular model -
Too bad I can't get on ebay at work, I'm really eager to find out how much this thing is going to sell for. Stores don't sell them new anymore (well, at least not big name stores like Circuit City and Best Buy), but when they did the retail price was around $300 I believe. Hopefully I'll get a reasonable amount out of it. Now I just need to go home, see how many earbuds I have, pick one to sell with the ipod, find the other USB cord for the ipod, find out if I can sell it with the songs on it (which doesn't exactly sound like it would be, but if there is a way then I will).

More later.....

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