Thursday, March 27, 2008

One thing at a time....

I feel kinda overwhelmed right now. Not that my life is any more busy than usual, but I am a bit behind on my projects and ideas for new projects just keep flowing in before I even have a chance to finish what I've already started (or bought supplies for and haven't even started). I made a 'to do' list today (crafty stuff only) and no joke it's 14 things long!!!!!! EEKS! And the more and more I think about hair bows the more I want to run out and just buy everything needed to make every single bow I see that I like!!!!

It takes a while to really accumulate all of the necessary supplies needed to do any particular craft... and a little longer to get a good hoard of stuff. It has taken me a year to buy all of the sewing essentials (and not so essential). I've gone through some crappy scissors, stocked up on necessities (bobbins, oil, lots of pins, etc), accumulated extra stuff so I don't have to buy it every time I decide to make something that calls for it or realize mid-stitch that I need it (elastic, bias tape, interfacing, webbing). Now I'm back at square one with the hair bows. I don't have anything necessary.... well, I've got fray check and a couple of spools of ribbon... and the sewing stuff of course. I need dowels, clips, this super strength glue... Oh I just realized that I DO have clothes pins (thanks to a recent consignment sale)... not to mention I'll need tons of ribbon.

So... back to the giant 'to do' list.... not in order of priority (although I should do it that way)
1) Finish current project.... Amy Butler dress (two posts down)
2) Make a handbag for myself
3) Boho/peasant fabric - pre wash (which I'm a little worried about, it's got lots of raw edges), take sample pics, post on etsy... well first decide if I'm going to trim it down to a girls skirt or leave it long and sell something for ladies.... AAAH!
4) Make my moms curtains that were supposed to be done a week ago
5) Make Kaytlin's Hannah Montana outfit before she kills me (scored some HM fabric BTW)
6) Make myself an apron... bought fabric weeks ago!
7) Take pics of PIF (pay it forward) item and post (it's fabric scraps... PIF = free... if you're interested remember to check back soon!)
8) Make Amy Butler pin cushion using scraps from current project (for charity... oh yeah, gotta pick a charity I'll be contributing to with the sales of things like this... I'm thinking of a local womens shelter)
9) Figure out what I can make using the stash I've developed
10) Make fabric covered button hair clips to match one of the million zillion things I am working on
11) Stock up on hair bow making supplies
12) Make flip flops using the tut I found in a mag
13) Make matching jeans for awesome embroidered linen top (and finish top... just need to attach straps).
14) Take pics of two items to add to etsy (embroidered linen outfit, AB dress) after they're finished

So I'm going to tackle it ONE thing at a time... maybe two at a time :-P

First (and second) are to finish the nearly-finished things... the embroidered linen outfit just needs some capris made to match... and the AB outfit, I just need to finish the bodice and add the bottom contrast. It's going to be SEW CUTE!!! Third... take pics of those two things and get them on etsy! Hopefully I can finish doing these tasks by tomorrow evening. I'm not even going to look at the list until I finish these things!

I almost forgot.... Easter was lots of fun. I've been flickr'ing lots lately too. My flickr id is, of course, kaytiebugs. Here's a few shots from Easter.... Recognize the dress? The boys pictured are my nephews.

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