Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Sneak peek @ 'Beach Baby', smarty pants, SSSF

When I say I looooove something, it's not because I'm trying to make it sound good or promote it... that means that I really just loooove it! For example... I LOOOOVE this little 'Beach Baby' outfit I've created!!! I can't wait to make one for Kaytlin! I already had the jeans and needed to do something with them. Ta da! This outfit will be for sale in sizes 18m-4T. I'm offering size 18m to my blog readers for $15. That's a little over half price!! I could possibly trim down the elastic a bit and make the top a size 12m... but the capris would still be size 18m since they're store bought (with the exception of the added ruffles of course). This is for the sample seen in the pic and is ready to be shipped. If interested, let me know and we can either go through with an etsy transaction or you can just pay me directly via paypal. The bottom pic gives the best depiction of the color. The blue is much softer than the top two pics show. I've got to take better pics before

On to 'Smarty Pants'.... I LOVE the way these turned out. I won't be selling these (unless someone requests me to make them a pair, of course... i do have the fabric to do it with). The fabric is an argyle print flannel and the bottom is ruffled and trimmed with lace. She's also wearing the tye dye shirt we made Sunday. Note- when you tye dye, put saran wrap or a trash bag over your work area, WEAR THE GLOVES, and don't use cotton knits as this shirt did NOT want to absorb the dye (as you can see). PS- laundry on couch= I've been sewing. No laundry on couch= hubs made me stop and do some chores.... lol

SSSF (Surger Selling and Savings Fund) would be going much better if I'd stop SPENDING the money I'm making!!!!! My iPod listing ends today... so check it out. My ebay id is coachlover930.

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