Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Random thoughts of the day...

Vocabulary lesson of the day - Bias grain: Bias is the diagonal grain of the fabric…. Not the width, not the length, crossways.

What did I discover today: I need a walking foot.

Today’s inspiration: The Amy Butlers, Erin Murphys, and Joel Dewberrys of this world were not born with a big name… they started at the bottom just like everyone else.

Things I love today -$240x305$$240x305$

Blessing of the day: I found out yesterday that I’ve been paying my mortgage a month ahead of time as long as we’ve lived in the house! Whew! I thought we were a week BEHIND! Then I found a $50 in one of the desk drawers in the office.

Things I WILL accomplish today - work out for at least 30 minutes (yay, like I have a choice); do some LAUNDRY; start piecing together the first dress to go on etsy.

Note about the first etsy dress: I thought this was going to be a lot more simple than it has turned out to be!!! I like patterns that have minimal pieces to cut because I HATE cutting! I hate cutting out the pattern, I hate figuring out piece placement, I hate that my sewing table is not as big as I wish it were (not like I have the space for much bigger anyways), I just hate cutting!! However I have fallen madly in love with the fabric. It was hanging off the end of my sewing table last night... a good 2-3 feet was dangling just above the floor. I got to take a really good look at it as a whole. I think it would make some awesome pillows for Kaytlin's room... maybe a duvet cover since she needs a new one (thanks to her dad for MACHINE WASHING her down comforter, now we need a new duvet and cover).

Done with the randomness now.... hopefully I'll find my USB cord soon so I can load some recent and current projects!

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