Monday, February 25, 2008

Busy weekend sewing - Etsy store prep

Wow I can’t believe I’m getting so close to opening my store! I’ve finished four outfits and I’m doing my first baby outfit tonight. I’m hoping smaller=less work! Lol.

I made my first, very own original design! Yay! I had a vision and made it come true. I did use a pattern for the denim part of the top and the denim part of the capris, but the rest is my own. The pattern for the denim part of the top is actually a pattern for a dress… I just improvised. I am so proud and I love the way it turned out!!

I made my first pillowcase dress last night. It’s the real deal…. Made from an actual vintage pillowcase. It was really easy too. I’ve got two of these pillowcases and I would love to do a mommy-daughter thing with them, or something for siblings! I haven’t taken pics yet because my model was sleeping when I finished it. This’ll be going in my etsy store. I need to figure out what decade they’re from. They look pretty old…. I’m guessing 60’s-70’s. Probably 60’s. I got them from a flea an’tique store. I love those places!! Oh I could just spend hours in there.
So far, here’s what I’ve got for my etsy store-

1) Purple gingham shirred top sizes newborn - all child sizes. I could do adult sizes too…. Maybe another time. Wait, that’s a great idea! Too bad I’m not smokin’ hot or I’d make one for myself to model! Maybe I could have a friend model it for me. This is an original design too... but I can't call it my own.

2) Skulls and roses three piece outfit (there’s a batching hair bow, but I haven’t taken pics of it yet). I’m still debating on a price tag for this. Sizes 18m-4T… not positive on the sizes, I’ll have to double check (pictured above)
3) Froggy outfit sizes 18m-4T… not positive about the sizes again. BTW I'm not sure why it's poking out so much in this pic.

4) Vintage pillowcase dresses. These seriously could be sizes newborn to adult size Large.
5) The baby dress and undies I’ll be making tonight. Alexander Henry apples+pears fabric. It’s going to be so cute!
6) Pillowcase dress from this cute purple flannel fabric I got.
7) Here’s some items I’m adding for bulk… I’m ready to open the store but I’ve only got a handful of things ready.
* Cute pin cushions (which may or may not sell… if you can sew you can figure out how to make one fairly easily... and only someone who sews really has a pin cushion… so this may not work out, but oh well it’s a great use of my scraps!
* Multi-purpose fabric bags (I love these. They’re very “green” and can be used for anything from groceries, on-the-go moms, etc.).
* Made to match (for the few outfits I’ll have posted): D-ring belt, head scarf, shorts, capris.

I’ve got a lot of other fabric just waiting to be sewn, but I’m really ready to get this store cranked up!

I'm not sure if I've posted this pic before.... this is my daughters '08 Valentines Day outfit. I won't be making anymore holiday-specific clothing (except Christmas), she only got to wear this twice! I say 'except Christmas' because Christmas now starts in mid-November lol.

Just one little rant - I was DIEING to get this fabric print from Sandi Henderson's new line, but I had to wait a few days after it debuted to buy it. Well, it's SOLD OUT EVERYWHERE!! :-( Oh well, I'll give it a week and try again.

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