Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Boutiques & Currently working on...

Maybe I’m just crazy, but I always seem to have the perfect pattern but not the fabric I want to make it with…. Or a gorgeous fabric but I don’t have the pattern I want to use with it. This drives me soooooo crazy!! I have so many unused patterns I’ve picked up here and there on sale. A LOT. Last night I picked out a fabric I wanted to work with that I really think is going to turn into something really cute. I started digging through the patterns because I just KNEW I had purchased this one particular pattern. Well it was nowhere to be found and my stuff is uber-organized so I must be mistaken. I was really disappointed because I could just SEE the finished product in my mind. It is so cute too! So I decided to use this other fabric that’s really scraps from another project to test out this halter dress/top and matching shorts for my daughter. I thought about making folded ruffles for the bottom of the shorts, but since the top ties around the neck and has a gathered look I thought that might not match so well. I’m having trouble figuring out the stupid pattern though…. it just doesn’t seem to be matching up right… and I HATE patterns that don’t come with an elastic guide, but rather they say something like “cut elastic at a comfortable length.” I know what’s comfortable on my daughter and I know her measurements like the back of my hand, but if I want to sell this to other people I’m just going to have to estimate and hope it’s not too tight or loose. Sheesh. I guess that’s what ya get for a $3 pattern!

I still have tons of this froggy print fabric and the top took literally less than ½ yard and I think I have almost 2 yards left. So if it turns out cute it’ll be going in the etsy store for sure. I’m not crazy about it, but if it sells great…. I just hate to have unused fabric laying around. I bought this one teal colored fabric MONTHS ago to make placemats and a table runner for our dining room. Well, we decided to paint the dining room a different color. I have no use for this fabric…. And it’s dec weight so I can’t use it for clothing either. I thought about making some coasters (saw a tutorial somewhere) but honestly the fabric just doesn’t go with anything in my house! I got it on sale, so I’m not really out much $$... I just hate waste. Hopefully I’ll think of something to use it for eventually. ANYWAYS! Back to the outfits…. Froggy print top, coordinating green fabric for the shorts, and maybe a ruffle across the bottom of the shorts in the froggy fabric.

Here’s another bad habit I have – I buy cheapie fabric to make random stuff with and I have no problem cutting it into a million pieces and throwing it away if things don’t turn out as planned…. But I buy the good stuff and it just sits there in my little basket. It’s like I’m afraid to mess it up because it’s so pretty and kinda expensive. I need to get OVER THIS!! Even if it is moderately expensive, it still really isn’t that much… it just seems like it because it’s much more expensive than some fabrics.

I’m pleased to report that I’ve been browsing websites of Atlanta area upscale boutiques and frankly there are A WHOLE LOT of Cafemom Etsy Moms who do sooooo much cuter things!! Honestly! Even the ones who haven’t been doing it for long or who don’t sell verrry expensive clothes. I’m talking about the pillowcase dresses, diaper bags, hairbows, etc…. If you have no idea what/who I’m talking about, click over to the link to the Cafemom Etsy Moms street team, it’s on the right of this page.

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