Friday, February 29, 2008

Defeat - Challenge - Procrastination

Remember the freebie thing in a previous blog? No more. Last night I was rifling through fabric and patterns, trying to decide what I wanted to do next. I still have that bandanna print fabric that I love but can't quite decide what to do with. I want something comfy yet stylish. No ruffles... This is bandanna print we're talkin' about!

What I was really doing is procrastinating. I should have been taking the last pics I need to open my etsy store. I'll be adding items in a bit... on my lunch break most likely (if I don't run down to Joanns for some light colored denim). I need to take pics of a few things and everything will be listed. I made this punk princess tutu the other night in an attempt to destash a bit. I've had this tulle for at least 6 months and the ribbon was left over from when I was decorating my daughters bedroom. It's mostly black tulle with a little bit of bright pink tulle and two different shades of skinny pink ribbon. I made it long, but I'm willing to shorten it for whoever orders it. Unfortunately I can't take pics of it on my daughter because she'd fall so deeply in love with it there's no way she'd let me sell it lol.

I also need to take some pics of a couple of pillowcase dresses (one being the vintage one, the other is one I made out of boredom) and I remade the "baby dress" that turned out to be a toddler top.... I adjusted the measurements accordingly (and emailed mccalls asking them to not use giant baby measurements when configuring patterns lol).

So.... the pattern that almost defeated me.... I saw the bag sitting on top of the dresser. It was laughing at me and saying "Ha ha, I beat you!" It did not win. I whipped it out, said to hell with the pattern directions, and did it like I thought it should be done. About an hour later I had the bodice all sewn together perfectly (it was nothing but cut fabric before). I sewed the lining to the bodice front on all four sides after I attached the fronts and backs. I turned everything right side out and started pinning it together the way the finished product should look, trying different things to get all of the raw edges hidden within the lining. YAY it worked!!! I high fived myself. I sooo rocked! The skirt shouldn't be much of a challenge.... it's the zipper I'm worried about. I've never done a zipper before!

Now I'm going to get a little psychological for a minute.... I think one of the reasons I enjoy sewing so much is because of the challenge. My job is mundane, house stuff doesn't change much (except for the complicated dinner from time to time), but sewing..... there's always something new to try, something I haven't yet learned, different ways to do things, it's challenging. I love it. It keeps my brain turning, because otherwise it might turn to mush from all of the SSDD.

Sorry... no pics of finished products to post today. Maybe later. I'm going to post another blog after I finish posting items on my lunch break.... an announcement about the store opening.

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