Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Prepwork for opening online shop

I have so many things to do before I start adding items to my etsy store.

1) Make sew-in tags (see previous post for tutorial)… time to get busy!
2) Make hang tags… I bought some index cards and made the image, now I just need to test out the printer settings. It's pretty simple. Maybe I'll come up with some care instructions, print those out on sticker labels, and stick it to the back of the tag.

3) Sew items! I want to list at least 4-5 new things initially and add to it from there. I started working on this cute dress last night with a criss-cross bodice. The fabric is a really pretty floral print…. Not too pastel, not too bright. I also bought some other awesome fabric to start my etsy store with – bandana print, hyacinth pink/lilac/violet print, soft cream and wine red heirloom print (*LOVE* this print… but whatever I use it for will have to have to be lined because it’s a little see through), lavender and white stripes, pretty eyelet that I hate to cut…. Geez I’ve stocked up on so much in such a short time period that I can’t even remember what all I’ve got!

4) Learn how to shirr…. I’ve read a tut, now I just need to practice on some scraps.

5) Here’s a few other random ideas I’ve had to throw in the store – pin cushions, I refuse to toss scraps so I think I may have figured out something useful to do with them; an apron… I want to make some for me and Kaytlin anyways; Bibs… but this doesn’t really interest me… maybe this will be a made to match on a baby outfit. I thought about making a tutu or two. They’re so stinkin easy and often very overpriced. In my shop, items will be priced according to how much effort they took, not how popular they are. A lot of tutus are super easy and can be put together in a couple of hours or less; plus, tulle is really cheap… even “good” tulle.

6) Made to match – I want to include some “made to match” headbands, scarves, and belts (the sash kind that tie). Maybe I’ll post something for “made to match” jeans instead of doing jeans and a top as an outfit. I did these pants for my daughters Valentines outfit and it was such a PAIN!!! I’m sure the second time I do it, it’ll be much easier since I have done it once before and learned what NOT to do lol.

7) Buy some baby patterns! I have two that start with size ½… but what exactly is a size 1/2?

8) Find size charts. I know my daughters sizes and measurements, but if you told me your child wore a 2T I’d have no idea what pattern size to use without knowing the chest/waist measurements.

9) Find a pillowcase dress tutorial. Everyone sells these, I just want to find a tut so I can make one for Kaytlin. If that goes well, we’ll see about selling them. I hear they’re pretty easy, but sizing it without actually seeing the child is kinda scary since there’s no paper pattern to follow.

10) Buy my serger… I need to hurry up and do my taxes so I can get my refund and buy it. At the same time, I plan to buy a couple of yards of Amy Butler. I *heart* her!!!

11) FIND USB CORD FOR DIGITAL CAMERA!!!! Sheesh…. I have so many pics I really need to load but I can’t find the darn cord!!

12) Stock up on a few bubble-wrap lined envelopes.

SHEESH! It sounds like a lot more work than I imagined it to be!


Katarina said...

Amanda seems like you will have busy, busy days in front of you,LOL!Sounds great;)

Jennifer Paganelli said...

Best wishes with the on line shop can't wait to see what you've been up too! all my best, Jennifer