Thursday, May 1, 2008

Living Vicariously

Deep inside me lies a hippie wanting to break free... wanting to wear really flowy clothes, long natural colored hair, liberal views, an organic vegetable garden, nose ring, college degree in something really "useless", and a bunch of really mellow acoustic music (which I already have a lot of) etc.

Beside the hippie is this goth-y person who wants to wear up to the knee boots with 6" heels, lots of shiny pleather clothes, black hair with pink highlights, a lip ring (and some other rings that aren't really for others to see lol), a CD book full of metal music (which I already have a lot of), and that "I DON'T GIVE A CRAP WHAT YOU THINK ABOUT ME!!" attitude.

But unfortunately neither are really who I am on the outside (or on the inside very often... if I had to pick one I'd pick hippie)... so I just clicky clicky all around flickr.

Just wanted to share.

Still wondering who those top six are :-)


Graceful Babies said...

Oh you sound like me!! I am totally a hippie crossed with punk....a bit of the punk comes out more but Ive toned it down since being a I dress like a mom with the punk wanted to scream through :)
Thanks for stopping by the blog....I love that place (Cabbage Patch Place)! We are in Georgia right now getting ready for a craft show this weekend. You should stop by
Sketchworks Theatre ArtMart! The Arts Supporting the Arts! Saturday, May 3rd; 11am- 5pm3041 North Decatur Road in Scottdale (just outside of Decatur.)

I would love to meet you!!!

Crystal said...

Hah! I'm a lot of people I want to be but never will. :)