Thursday, May 29, 2008

Cutilize... My Mountain Girl... My New Baby

I got my business cards and magnets in yesterday. Yay!! I thought the background color was going to be pink, but it's more of a coral color. Oh well, it's still cute. To my friends reading (because I know you're out there :-) ) if you want me to mail you some cards to spread around and chat about my soon-to-come goodies let me know and I'll put some in an envelope and send them.

I've been working on my new idea. I'm calling it 'Cutilize'... no, not like 'Cut-ilize'... like 'Cute-ilize'. I thought about going with 'Cuteilize'... but that goes against the whole "i before e except after c". More and more things keep coming to mind. In addition to the new thing, I've decided to still do clothing. I just love it too much. I get too much personal satisfaction out of it. I am going to set aside a certain amount of time per week to work on my shop and custom orders. As for promoting.... it's going to be limited because that was a BIG time consuming task. I'm just going to try to list every day or two. The new thing, that'll be a ship-upon-payment type thing. The clothing... I'm going to try to do some ship-upon-payment things that are flexible on sizing.

I added some new pics to my flickr yesterday... check it out...

Here are a few shots of my new baby... I still haven't used it yet. Also, a few shots from my moms this past weekend. Her house is in such a beautiful area. Kaytlin loves riding too. The horse is old and she's the only one who rides it. These look better on Flickr, by the way.

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