Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Serious destashitation... blog readers get discount... ~ETSY BUYER TUTORIAL~

I finally took some time to organize my hoard. I had random bags of fabric scattered about the house and I finally decided I needed to organize it and get rid of some stuff. I've got waaay too much fabric that I bought for something but either didn't use it all or decided to use something else. Plus I'm a major scrap saver and I have accumulated like 6 grocery store bags crammed slap full of scraps.... AND I've got trims and ribbons that I'll never use. I like to buy things with a plan in mind, because whenever I buy something because it's on sale or because it just catches my eye, I never use it. That's what the majority of the ribbons and trims are. Anywho, lets get to the point.

Blog readers get 15% off. See directions below. All of my destash goodness is in my etsy shop (or will be, there's a LOT so it's going to take some time, I've gotten three items listed as of right now and there will be tons more). I know some folks aren't familiar with etsy, but this'll be a great way to GET FAMILIAR! :-). I need the feedback... so help a sister out, will ya? I'm doing some things as PIF (pay it forward... which means free but with the requirement of doing something nice for someone else in return... most etsians just sell something for free in return).

New to etsy??? Here's the procedure.... you sign up and create a user name and password, you go to my shop, open the items and look at them, if you see something you like you click "ADD TO CART" on the right hand side. The smaller pics are clickable and will become larger if you click them. You can go back to see all of the listings by either hitting your browser back button or by clicking 'Shop' under the 'seller info' section on your right. If you find something you would like to purchase (and you've already signed up for etsy, have a user name and password, and have signed in), you click "ADD TO CART". When you're finished shopping click the Cart at the top left of the page (feel free to check out other shops on etsy by searching for keywords or click the 'cafemom etsy moms' blog link on the left side in the links section of my blog... lots of other great etsy sellers there), I won't get mad I promise :-)). Click the big green "CHECK OUT" button on the right. Select your payment method (I prefer paypal, if you need to know how to use paypal please email me at kaytiebugs@yahoo.com). If you choose paypal, it'll automatically shoot you over to paypal and all you'll have to do is select your payment method and click pay! I'll be sent your address and everything. The only other thing is if you order clothing you need to enter the requested measurements in the notes to seller section of the etsy checkout area. Hope I didn't make it sound too confusing. ***To receive 15% off, don't pay right then, go ahead and check out, I'll send you a revised paypal invoice for the correct amount***

Here are some of the destashed goodies I'll be putting in my etsy shop...

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