Monday, May 12, 2008

I modeled :-P

I modeled these for pink*marshmallow. I'll be doing more. Watch out Heidi and Gisele! lol
It is a super comfortable set. Very figure flattering too. See the listing for more pics, these are just my faves. I was going for the "deep in thought" look lol. I promise to smile more next time. Kaytlin received a big package of hair accessories and a hat to model for a fellow etsian. I'm really excited. We used one of them yesterday and they managed to stay in her hair for a good 4 hours of running around outside. Thus far, I'm impressed. Not only are they functional and sturdy, but they're cute!! Anywho... here's the photos. They aren't as grainy in the listing, not sure why they are here.


Dee's Digital Designs said...

Cute outfit! Love your deep in thought look!

The Nature Nut said...

Looks great!