Thursday, May 15, 2008

I'm closing for a little while...

I'm still going to blog, flickr, etc. but I've decided to take a break from sewing. I didn't realize the work that went into managing an online shop. It's a lot more than sew some goodies, take pics, post a listing, and sew another one when it sells. It's constant marketing and promoting, answering zillions of messages with only about half ending in purchases, and so much more. It's a LOT of work and can be a little inconvenient. For example... I'm working on a huge custom order (and I'm really excited about it). However, throw in Mothers Day, my wedding annviersary, and a 5 day spell of food poisoning and BAM sewing a big custom order is all of a sudden not so awesome anymore.

I've decided that when I open back up, it's going to go more like this..... I'm going to make things at my own pace and only make items that can be shipped right after they are ordered. I really enjoyed making clothing, but quite frankly it's a TON of work with a profit that leaves me feeling like I work in a Chinese sweat shop.

I mean no offense to anyone who has purchased from me. I've set my own prices and unfortunately my experience level, lack of established clientele, along with folks charging next to nothing for similar items has left me no choice but to price low.

Anywho.... on to more exciting things. When I open back up, it's going to be pretty different. I've thought of something all on my own that has NOT been done. I've got a whole line of goodies I'm going to do that all work together. I don't want to say what it is, because honestly no one has thought of this yet... but I'll give ya a hint - it's got to do with sprucing up a VERY DULL area that not many women truly enjoy being in. Nope, it's not the laundry room... that's all you get for now.

I feel relieved to be done with custom clothing. I REALLY REALLY like doing it, but it's really tough. Plus I'm always nervous that it won't fit right. I've had no complaints yet, but maybe people are just being nice.... or maybe I just haven't jacked anything up yet. I'm still going to make lots of handmade goodness for my daughter. You'll probably be seeing more of the custom boutique style clothing.

I'm really excited about Sandi Henderson's new fabric line. Click over to her from my links section. It's gorgeous.

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Steph said...

Well I can't wait to find out what your big idea is!
Take a rest, get things in order and start fresh. Good luck!
Steph (BrannockArts)