Tuesday, April 29, 2008

My Top 6 Visitors...

Who are you six people? You six people that regularly check my blog? There are six people that have read my blog 15-25+ times in the last month. It makes me feel loved :-) I'd like to know who you are. Hopefully no psychos! Hopefully I'm clicking you as much as you're clicking me. I like checking my google analytics. I like to see where my traffic is coming from. I think it's cool that people in Malaysia and Austrailia (and 8 other countries) have visited me this month. So... you six people... who are you? Leave me a comment! Don't feel like a psycho... I have blogs that I check a few times a week too!

I have had a little business lately. Finally! I posted the skulls and crossbones outfit on ebay. It went for a whopping $13. Whipptee... not. Oh well... it's money I NEED. I posted the AB hair clips on ebay yesterday for $4. My ebay id is coachlover930, if you feel inclined to check me out. 100% positive feedback :-). I just keep telling myself that you've got to start somewhere. I sold a custom order for two shirred purple gingham check tops... a mommy daughter set. I'm just about done. I was trying to finish them before I went out of town on Thursday but I ran out of elastic thread Wednesday night and there was NO WAY I was going to Wally world at 11:00 pm for more when I had to get up for work at 5:30 am.

I made two things for myself!! Here's pics of one (mind the unkept lady with no makeup and frizzy hair... lol). It was my first time working with jersey knit fabric. Talk about a PITA!

I also made dresses for Kaytlin and I to wear to my cousins wedding Saturday. Kaytlin's was made of a satin fabric (similar to what's used for prom dresses and such... that weight). That was a lot easier than I thought it would be. But it had a zipper... so you know that was all jacked up. I'll get it one day. It was only my second time trying to do a zipper. I'm a little shy when it comes to people complementing the clothes I make. Usually I don't even mention the fact that I made it. My mother and aunt made it quite clear a few times that I made both of our dresses. Mine, in my opinion, was awesome. It was super easy to make, I love the fabric, and I got a couple of complements myself :-). I'll post pics soon. It was a lilac and blue hyacinth print fabric, shirred at the bust, halter straps, just-below-the-knee length. It fit perfect. It hid my flaws VERY well, it accentuated top and blended in the curves. I'm going to start making shirred dresses and tops for moms to go in my shop (as soon as I find time, I'm still working on that to do list!). They truly are awesome. I'm not just trying to sell my stuff here lol. My bust looked good, it was modestly covered, it was very comfortable, and very figure flattering. I'm going to do a few different fabrics for moms because the style itself is very versatle. I'd wear that dress to church, a wedding, or some other formal event... but if a different fabric were used, say a vintage cotton, it would be great for hanging out with friends.

I took some gorgeous pics of Kaytlin at the wedding location, it was beautiful. It was at this bed and breakfast in Nc. Gorgeous scenery. I took some shots of her sitting by the lake, in a gazebo, in an arbour type thing, playing in the garden, it was awesome. Too bad they're all on my moms camera because mine died!! And she's got a 2mp p&s camera... so the quality won't quite be the same... not that my camera is anything amazing, but for a p&s (point and shoot) it's pretty darn good! Especially with outdoors/well lit shots! Hopefully I'll be able to find someone who's good at paint.net or photoshop to edit the pics... she's got a nasty boo boo on the bottom of her chin. Plus, by the time we actually got a chance to sneak off to take pics her dress was already dirty. I think I can edit out the dirt and food on the dress, but I don't think I'm talented enough to get rid of the big boo boo.

Anyhoo... I'm going to post another pair of button clips in my shop, hopefully tonight. I actually made them for myself to wear with my dress but I forgot them sitting on my sewing table. How me. Adios!

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