Thursday, May 8, 2008

Tutorial: The Newbie's Guide to Buying on Etsy

No matter if you’re in a shop, the forums, etc, you’ll always see the same info up at the top. Click ‘Register’.

Fill out a little info… It’s not a lot, I promise.

Now you’re ready to shop!! After registering, you will be prompted to check your email. Etsy will send you a verification email and you will need to click the link inside it to complete your registration.

You can use your browsers back button to get back to the shop you were in.

So you’ve spotted something you love in a shop. What now?

Click on the item. You’ll see all the wonderful details and photos of it. Click ‘ADD TO CART’

Then click ‘CHECK OUT’

The rest is pretty self explanatory… I can’t actually click check out because this is just an example, I’m not actually purchasing this item. From the checkout screen, you will select your method of payment. If you choose to pay using paypal, it will take you over to the paypal site to complete your transaction.

Etsy is a wonderful site. I am a big supporter of all things handmade. It will probably take you less time to register on Etsy than it did for you to read this tutorial. Now go shopping!!

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