Monday, June 2, 2008

I HAVE A SERGER! Love for bird fabric

Two of them actually!

The blue one needs a foot petal, they both need to be serviced. I was sooo stinkin eager to use it last night that I grabbed four spools of regular white thread out of my stash and threaded it. I don't have serger thread, and I intend to get a bunch, but I didn't get home with it until like 6:00 last night and didn't feel like driving or shopping. I used the white one. It worked fine! I don't have the manual for either of them, so I don't know what all it's capable of doing. I'm hoping and praying it'll do a rolled hem, mostly for things I make myself, but if not no biggie... a free serger is a free serger!! The blue one is supposedly more "professional" but I don't see the difference between them. This thing is so great. My sewing machine isn't terrible, but it is so loud and clunky sounding... plus it rocks my table whenever I try to go fast. This serger was like a dream! It just quietly humms as it stitches and cuts. It doesn't move the table at all and it goes so stinkin fast! I'm going to be able to finish things much quicker now!

So now for my birthday (which is coming in 14 days!!) I can get all of the other goodies I've been dieing to have.... I want a rotary cutter, cutting mat, pinking shears, and maybe either a ruffler foot or a gathering foot. I also need to have my serger serviced and a manual for it.

I've been really in love with fabric that has birds on it lately. My fave is Nuala by Sis Boom (in the girlfriends line). This little snippet here does it ABSOLUTELY NO justice!! The fabric is so freakin gorgeous.. I bought a fat quarter of it originally and saw NO pattern repeat... there are large birds, and little tiny details like a little spider web in the corner of a branch, acorns, all kinds of adorable stuff.

My second fave would be this one from Anna Maria Horners new Drawing Room line.... Oh I love it, but honestly I don't know what I would do with it. It's home dec weight, but I'm not exactly sure how heavy it really is. I'd love to have this as a wall hanging (like she had at quilt market)

Then there's this little Alexander Henry ditty. I would love to make something for my kitchen with this (it's part of the "In the Kitchen" collection... no, it's not home dec weight... same line as Apples & Pears).

We had a nice peaceful weekend. I didn't get much done craft/sewing wise, but I did clean house a lot in hopes that one day soon I'll be back into my etsy business. I got my business cards, magnets, pen, and stamp... pretty good. Cute, but the colors are more pale than I thought they'd be. Oh well, still a good deal. Alrighty.... TTFN!!

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Jennifer Paganelli said...

wow I made the hit parade...big deal for me!!! So glad you like that one....that was so popular ..I see it on ebay once and awhile...thanks for loving it..Jennifer