Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Jewelry Contest

I was just over at 'everything your mama made & more' when I read about the contest going on! It's not sewing related, but still awesome. Shezarealgem Designs is giving away a $20 gift card on her blog. Naturally I went over to Shezarealgem Designs on etsy and saw some of the amazing jewelry I've admired for quite a while. Who could help but admire these babies? They are gorgeous! The 'about me' section of the blog entry is quite inspiring.

You know I wouldn't say this, or put someone else in my blog, if I didn't mean it, right? I don't blog contests just for the extra entries... I like to share amazing etsians for the heck of it, so if I can win something why not give it a shot? lol. But really, check her out.

1 comment:

Mel said...

Thanks Amanda! Your kind words really made my day. I've never been to your blog before but it is really nice and easy to navigate!