Friday, June 27, 2008

Sorry I haven't updated in a while!

FIRST AND FOREMOST..... I do not know why in the world my pics have been loading to blogger looking like CRAP!! These in particular don't look that great to begin with, but they look much worse in blogger. And ya see my last blog post with the collage? Why in the world does that look like pixel city?!?!?!?!?!?!?! I'm going to get to the bottom of this!!

I've got lots to cover in this blog!

I just finished up a custom order a couple of days ago. It's such a cute set! These are matching dresses for a baby and her big sister. It's a baby shower gift. They are reversible criss cross pinafores. Since they're on hangers it's hard to see the criss cross in the back, especially with the damask. The fabrics used are Michael miller, disco dot and a damask... don't remember the name of it.

I've been crocheting a lot lately. I've learned a lot! The scarves here are my first two completed projects.

This bag was quite challenging... but once I got the hang of it, it came together pretty easily. I used cotton yarn and I LOVE it! I am now in love with cotton yarn! I guess because I almost always sew with cotton it just feels more "me". I love crochet. It's as rewarding as sewing yet doesn't take as much work! Not that crochet is easy.... but sewing takes a lot of work. Ya spend 30 minutes to an hour or more pinning and cutting the fabric (some things take less, but you get the idea... it takes time). Then you spend an hour or three sewing it all together. It takes less time to complete a project with sewing, but you're kinda bound to the sewing table. With crochet, I can sit at my breakfast table and do a row of stitches while I'm waiting on a pot of water to boil or something. I can do it while I sit in traffic (for an hour each way to and from work... I only do it when I'm sitting in the most miserable parts where I'm practically completely stopped for like 15 minutes). I can do it while I'm laying in bed or watching tv. I can do it just about anywhere! Sewing... I can't multitask in sewing. I might be able to cut some fabric while I'm cooking, but that's only because I now have a rotary cutter/mat/ruler... which I L-O-V-E!!!

I made this top for Kaytlin last night. Her daycare flooded last Friday and throughout the weekend, so they were closed this week. I think they may have reopened yesterday. We had no choice but to take her up to my moms in the mountains for the week. We don't know anyone who is a SAHM who could have kept her for the week. The first couple of days were nice. But we started really missing her Wednesday. I made her this last night as a surprise. It'll look much cuter when she's got it on. Shirring just doesn't photograph well when it's not on a body!

I'm working on a new design for my blog. I'm designing the banner and buttons, colors, etc. and I'm having someone put all the HTML together for me.

I'm going to be making Kaytlin a bunch of outfits for vacation, I'll be posting them as I go. I'm also working on making her a really cute... umm... thing. Crochet. It's like a throw pillow sized alien girl thing. It's an amigurumi.

Everyone have a great weekend!!

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