Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Jackpot! As if I needed another hobby....

I dropped one of my new (well, new to me) sergers off at the repair shop to get a tune up. I wanted to go to the quilt shop down the road while I was in the area but I didn't have time and traffic was bad, so I went to the goodwill next door. Check out my serious score for $8!! Tons of embroidery floss, lots of yarn and whatever the skinny yarn is called, and two pairs of knitting needles.

My mom came down to my house this weekend and she showed me how to knit.... but knitting is NOT my thing. It took me HOURS... literally like 5+ hours over the weekend (looong car ride) to get this far....

So I went on youtube and watched a tutorial on how to make a scarf. It's a series of several videos by this gal named Alyssa. She was an excellent instructor. Very clear. If you click "Watch in high quality" you can see everything in the video very clearly (I never noticed the little link for higher quality videos lol... I just thought youtube compressed the vids or something). Here are the links to the tutorials. I've put them in order and everything (because it took a little work to dig through the thousands of vids put on youtube by expertvilliage to get all of the ones in the series.

I watched several videos on youtube and she really explains it the best. See... look what I've done so far! PS- sorry for the horrible pics, I took these late last night so there was no good lighting. My scarf looks kinda crappy (yeah, I can be honest with myself) but oh well, it's my first project! It started out as like 15 stitches across the bottom, and I've lost so many I think I'm down to like 9 and don't know how to add them back in. LOL Oh well, this is just for practice. Kaytlin can use it for dressup or something.
We just decided when we're going to Myrtle Beach, mid August (it's a lot cheaper!). So now I'm all motivated to get busy on some beachy stuff for the kiddo!

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