Thursday, June 12, 2008

All sew, no show

I sew lots, but somehow I manage not to load photos of my creations onto my blog! So this blog is all about sharing my recent goodies! Well... some of them... but hey at least I'm loading something!

These are 5 of a 6 outfit order. She took pics of her daughter wearing them for me!

And because I was in my flickr and she's just too darn cute.... here's my Kaytiebug. She's modeling a hat for mamanme. She modeled some other accessories, check my flickr for more.

I picked up some Drawing Room yesterday, I'm so in love. This print is so absolutely beautiful... the whole line is really. Two thumbs up to Anna Maria Horner. I want to post some of her photos, but I just read on her site that I would need to message her first and... well... I'm an impatient person :P. So... check out the Flickr group dedicated to Drawing Room. Here's my little tid-bit... I'll be whipping up a handbag for MYSELF as soon as I finish making K this cute little top I've had laying on my sewing table for... oh... a week now.

What's after the handbag? I'll be putting this Ginger Blossom to good use. Sandi Henderson is another one of my faves. We're going to Myrtle Beach in August, so I gotta have my kiddo some cute goodies to wear!! I'm thinking ruffly, twirly, girly....

I'm still working on my crochet. I'm almost done with Kaytlins scarf. This is the bare bones of it. I'm going to add fringe and ribbons and maybe some beads. I've still got to add a couple of inches to it, then I'll be DONE! It's a little out of season, but I had to start somewhere!

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Laura Gunn Studio said...

cool finds! I love that china!!!!