Monday, July 14, 2008

Kaytlin's new Shabby Chic Bedroom

Yes, two entries in one day…. This topic warrants it’s own entry.

K’s birthday is in the fall. When we moved into the house last Fall I basically bought all new stuff for her room. She liked it at first, but after a while the love faded and now she really doesn’t like it at all. She didn’t have much say in what I did with it (she wasn’t even quite 4 years old at the time), so now she wants to redecorate her room as her birthday present. Initially, I was dreading the work involved. When I did her room when we moved in, I spent a LOT of time making things. My stepdad and I built her headboard and a window seat/toy box combo, I painted her room all by myself (control freak…. I wanted it to be just right…), I sewed more things than I thought possible , including a new cover for an ottoman, a duvet cover, tons of throw pillows, bed canopy (not much sewing involved really), curtain, curtain thingy for dressup corner, I painted and repainted so much stuff, I mean I put a WHOLE LOT of work into this room. I didn’t actually spend much, because I did a lot of repurposing, building, upcycling, etc. I actually only spent like $250… and $80 of that was on paint. But I spent endless hours working on things. So now I’m faced with having to do it all over again. And this time it’s going to cost more. I didn’t have a lot of dough to work with the first time around because we were buying our first home. So I had to make do with certain things. But for $250… I’d say I didn’t do too bad. The only things in her room that she had before is toys, books, dress-up dresses (none of the décor surrounding the area though), and her dresser. Everything else you see is new and falls into the $250 I spent.

These pics don't reflect what her room looks like now, we've changed some things.... got some things hanging on the wall, moved stuff around a little, improved things a little, etc. This is what I'd call phase 1.... but these are the only pics I have.

I started to think about what to do with her room…. Then I remembered the pics I saw on flickr of the Grand Revival booth at quilt market. So beautiful. Below is the inspiration. Her room will be a Shabby Chic fluffy ruffly girly soft haven. I’m going to re-upholster the headboard and bench, maybe paint the dresser in crackle paint (maybe… MAYBE), paint the whole room a soft pink, sew up a new duvet cover in Ava Rose prints. I’d love to get a new light fixture, but I may have to settle for revamping the current ones and maybe buying little shades to replace the current globes.

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Katie said...

I dream of my little girl having her own space like that. She would be in heaven. Your little girl is so lucky to have a creative mum!