Wednesday, April 9, 2008

A zillion hobbies

It's official... I have hobby ADD. I just want to try it all!!! The more I shop on etsy the more I'm like "I want to learn how to do THAT!".

I haven't even mastered the hairbow thing yet and I'm already ready to move on to something else. I'm going to stick with the bows for now though... because I want to make some to match the outfits I sell. I want to learn how to crochet/knit... mainly because I want to make us a couple of those adorable hats with the flowers on them. I'm having a custom handbag made for myself. I'm really excited. The bag is knitted and lined. She's already knitted it and it's ready to be lined.

I think I might hold off on adding any new items to my shop until after I get my surger. I think I have just about convinced my husband to let me use our yard sale earnings (this weekend!!!) to buy one. If not then DEFINATELY by my birthday in June... or there WILL be HELL to pay! lol. The SSSF did good until I found my paypal debit card. My paypal account is now at $0.00. Addicts will do anything.... I'm going to keep making new things... just hold off to start adding them.

Oh geez I JUST remembered that I have to make my mothers curtains BY this Friday or she is going to kill me. AAAAHHH! When am I supposed to find time to do that?! I'm still trying to finish that top I started over a week ago!

I did manage to knock a few things off my loooong to do list though... I made the fabric covered button clips (as you can see), finished the Amy Butler dress, I stocked up on some hair bow making supplies.... and well that's it. I suck.

Here's todays to do list (it helps me remember if I write it down)-
* Clean out closets in search of more yard sale goodies
* Start moms curtains
THAT'S IT!!! I must do these two things and cannot cloud my thoughts with other tasks.


H.E.Eigler said...

I'm finding myself in the same predicament. Etsy is so inspiring isn't it??

amy said...

I have hobby ADD too, I even metioned that in my blog once. That's when I was on a jewelry making kick. Now i'm drawing!

Beth said...

hi, you left me a comment on the EDS blog about the quote on my digital page. feel free to use the words, they're just my random thoughts. thanks!