Friday, April 11, 2008


Well... almost. I started my moms curtains last night and I have one looooong stitch left and I'm FINISHED! YAY! Those curtains gave me sewers block... I knew I needed to do them before I went on to other things, and I just really didn't want to do them so I stalled until the night before my mom was coming and I'm still not quite finished. I'm going to make a matching pot holder too... I'll post pics of it all when I'm done. The ones for the guest room are pretty plain, but the ones for the kitchen are so cute. She lives in the mountains and her kitchen is done in roosters.... I can't wait to share pics of the curtains and pot holders.

This weekend I'll be having a yard sale. YAY! And what shall I sew after that??? Hmm.... it depends on how much $$$$ we make at the yard sale. I'm hoping hubby will let me keep the $$ and buy a surger!! I think I'll fix the embroidered linen shirt.... that's going to be cute. Here are some shots of how jacked up it is... The bodice actually looks fine, this is just a bad shot. The skirted part opens up much higher than I wanted it to. It starts opening right around the navel and I want it just below the button of her jeans. Wow this is a really crappy picture... I shouldn't even post it! The denim is much prettier than this, so is the fabric. The bottom shot gives a good idea of what the material really looks like.

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