Friday, April 18, 2008


My daughter likes cupcake stuff.... earrings, necklaces, shirts with a screenprinted cupcake, etc. Lately I've been shopping a lot for this kind of stuff. Lots of cupcake love in my house.

I finished my moms curtains. I also made a pot holder with some scraps. I'm going to write a tutorial for making it because it was pretty simple. I'm also making some really easy aprons with the scraps... one for my daughter and one for my mom. Both will stay at her house. They'll be so cute! I usually don't sell tutorials, I just give them away, but I could really use the $$. I thought about maybe charging just a couple/few bucks for a tutorial of both the pot holder and the apron.

Kaytlin is going to my moms all weekend and hubby is going to be out of town tonight, back tomorrow evening, then gone all day Sunday. So I'm going to have LOTS of fun being able to just SEW without interruption. It is going to be AWESOME! I'll be working on a dress for K to wear to my cousins wedding next weekend.

*NEWS FLASH* This just popped in my head. I got SO ANGRY the other day because Kaytlin climbed up the entertainment center (it's a good 5' tall) grabbed her Hannah Montana fabric, then went to the little basket of goodies on my sewing table and grabbed my FABRIC scissors that are super sharp, then she persued to chop her Hannah Montana fabric into shreds. Who was supposed to be supervising her? Daddy!

K was digging through my pattern drawer last night and pulled out this one that appears to be a flower girl dress... it's really dressy. She's BEGGING me to make it for her. It's beautiful, don't get me wrong, but do I really want to spend all that $$ to make her something that she'll never really get to wear anywhere other than home? Casa fabrics are on deep sale this weekend at Joanns... maybe if I feel like wasting some $$ I'll make it for her. Geez, I'm such a sucker.

Oh I almost forgot... I got another sale! Well, it wasn't an etsy sale, but a sale is a sale and that makes me happy!! Two purple shirred tops, one for mommy and one for daughter. I'll be working on that this weekend too! I've never made anything for a baby, wish me luck!

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