Friday, September 12, 2008

Go big or go home

That's my personal mantra. Too bad I can't apply this principal to Kaytiebugs! Unfortunately that gets put toward the bottom of the 'to do' list, when it should be close to the top.

So why is this the title for this entry?

K was stuck between a girly skull theme and Hannah Montana for her birthday party... so I let her choose both. Mainly because I'll be able to mix the two together well. I'll buy mostly for the punk theme, solid colors and skulls adorned with pink hairbows. Here's the image I'm kindof going on for the party...

Here's where the whole 'go big' thing comes into play. I'm one of those moms. The over-achiever mom. When you're a "young mom," ya kinda have to be... being a "normal mom"+being young= less than good enough in most peoples eyes. I've learned over the years that you really have to PUSH and prove yourself. This applies to family too, unfortunately. Totally not going in that direction.... PS- I'm not that young, but 5 years ago I was :-)

So this is the big one for K.... the big FIVE!

I'm going to design her cake. I want this cake, but it'd cost a fortune to buy, so I'm making it.

Here's the practice round... I made my own fondant using a marshmallow fondant recipe. It actually tastes pretty good, as opposed to traditional fondant which people peel off before eating the cake. Now remember, this is only the test round. The real thing will look more like the above cake. I didn't buy the right food coloring and I was just tinkering with excess fondant when I cut those strips and layed them on. Trust me, the real cake will be waaay cuter than this! I think I'm only going to do two tiers though, instead of three like pictured above. And I'm still debating on just buying the skulls premade because I wasn't so good at that.

On to favors.... Instead of the usual little baggie of sugar and Made in China toys, the kiddos will receive something a bit more personal. I'm for sure going to make custom bottlecap necklaces for each child, two bottlecaps each and one necklace (girls will get the organza ribbon kind, boys will get the ball chain kind). Each kid will receive a necklace with there name on it (girls will have crowns on theirs, boys will get something equally masculine), and skulls.

Entertainment.... If it were up to me, we'd have a totally punked out girl come paint faces and do balloon animals, but I don't think fellow parents would be too impressed lol.

More to come...

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