Monday, September 8, 2008

~Accepted to Lollishops~ :~)

What is Lollishops? According to , "LolliShops is a juried, online selling venue for talented artists, collectors of vintage and art supply vendors. LolliShops will appeal to those who love... Elegant Whimsy, Romantic Inspirations, and Fanciful Creations... artists will enjoy setting up their own, customizable store fronts while LolliShops patrons enjoy feeling like a kid in a Candy Store!"

Why is this so exciting? Because I had to apply, and actually got accepted! When maaany fellow etsians were "rejected" (it sounds so terrible, but the denial email they send is nice). I wasn't sure if my pictures would be good enough, or that my items "fit the bill".

I'm excited!!
You can get more info at:

See pictures of what's in store!
So what's in store for Kaytiebugs? Well... being accepted gave me a little bit of a design-boost. It made me feel like my stuff really is good. I'm not trying to act big headed, I promise. It was just a little reassuring. It made me want to put more effort into accomplishing things via Kaytiebugs.


mamashai said...

Congrats fellow lollishop vendor!!! I was accepted a few weeks ago - I'm SOOO excited!
Your blog is looking great - I love watching it get bigger!

Angie Vinez said...

Congratulations!!! How exciting!!!!

Also - I nominated your blog for an award! Get the details here: