Friday, August 15, 2008

Ruffly Girly GIVEAWAY!!!

What do you get when you combine Sis Boom, Pink, Brown, and ruffles???


So what am I giving away??

I am giving away a custom made ‘Double Ruffle Femme Skirt'. The fabric will be two coordinating Sis Boom fabrics, brown and white ‘Casey Scroll' and pink and brown ‘Mary Trellis'. The fabrics are pictured below. The pink will be the top fabric (see the Farmers Market Double Ruffle Femme Skirt below? The pink and brown will be where the cherries print is on that skirt), the brown and white fabric will be on the underneath (where the stripes are in the picture below). Sizes available for winning are 18 Months thru little girl's size 5 with a 23" waist measurement.

How can you enter to win this adorable little skirt??? There are a few different ways, and each thing you do increases your chance to win!

1) Post a comment below... include info like how you heard about this giveaway, what your fave item is in my etsy shop (see etsy mini to the right of the page in my sidebar), what brought you to my blog today, if you've ever read my blog before or are a regular reader, etc.... something somewhat interesting and more than "Hey! Can you enter me to win?" This will count as one entry.

2) Blog about this giveaway... blog on your blogger, typepad, or even your myspace/facebook blog or cafemom journal.... For each place you blog about this, it'll be counted as FIVE entries.

3) Post this clickable image somewhere.... In the sidebar of your blog, on your website, on your myspace/facebook profile, on your cafemom profile, etc.... FIVE more entries for each place you post it.

* If you plan on blogging or posting the clickable graphic, please do so first then come back and leave your comment including links to these things.

Entries must be received by 8/28/08 (two weeks from today). One comment per person. In your comment, make sure I have some way to contact you if you don't leave a URL. If you have trouble or questions, email me at The winner will be selected by a random number generator.

Use this image in your blog or wherever, but remember to make it clickable!! The image is hosted at (that's an underscore between all those numbers). Make sure it links back to this web address: Having trouble? Feel free to ask in a comment or email me questions at

So get busy entering!!!


blc*boutique said...

So cute and if I win, I will send you some pictures of Chloe or Sarah modeling it.

blc*boutique said...
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mamashai said...

LOVE your blog! I'm a fellow CEM. I blogged about your giveaway on my own blog:
and blogged about it on both of my myspace profiles:

My email is

Turle Girl Crafts said...

I love your blog, I wish I could/knew how to get mine pretty as well! Well anywho I blogged about your giveaway here,

And I know my little lady would LOVE your skirt! And I know I owuld love her in it! hehehe.

gretchen w said...

I'm a fellow CEM.. good luck with your give away. The skirt is adorable! I'm sure my daughter would grow into it eventually if we win. lol

kjean86 said...

OMG i love your website! The skirt you are giving away is sooo cute! (size 4T please lol) I would have to say my Fav peice of clothing on this website would have to be the Alexander Henry Apples and Pears Jumper sooo adorable! i love the apple print!

I did blog about you on my myspace page

But again i love your paige and of course if i do win i will post a picture of my daughter in it!

I found this website on the cafemom website in the group raising girls 0-5!

Love the site!

Have a great day!

May Fung said...

Hi there. I've just found your blog through the grand revival flickr group, needless to say that I loved the skirt and wanted to know if you sold it! Cool blog and etsy shop you have too. Especially loving the twirly pink fun outfit in your shop.

My email is

Missy and Diane said...

Super cute! I will mark you as a fav and be back often. I love your "Drawing Room creations". My 4 yr old Gracie would love to twirl in that lovely skirt!

exotic1 said...

This is so cute! My niece is a girly girl and would love it. I blogged about your giveaway with a link. Thanks for having this cute giveaway

Anonymous said...

I'm cheer97-Aimee- from cafemom (we msg'd earlier). Enter me!! I am also going to add your icon on my 2 myspace accounts...I'll give the links once I get it up!

Anonymous said...

Okay, I just saw that you wanted me to link the pic first, then comment...I'm sorry! Now I am having trouble making the image clickable...can you help me? You can email me at or msg me on cafemom (cheer97)

Anonymous said...

Okay here are the places I blogged about it:


ok, can u tell i really want to win? LOL! And if you tell me how (since I am e-challenged right now) I will post the pic with the clickable link! Thanks!!

Tanya said...

Coming over from Sewing Mamas ... :) ... love the little skirts. My favorite thing of yours NOW is the Perfect Bag. Is that your own pattern? I LOVE it!!

mybug said...

Hey! I'm from Cafemom (MyBUG) and I posted about your giveaway in two places. Once on MySpace -

I also posted on a message board here in Indianapolis - - I think it's a great giveaway and am spreading the word as much as I know how!

Anonymous said...

I saw your post on cm in one of my groups, and I read your blog all the way to the bottom. You are a very talented lady, and I love the colors and styles you use. My youngest dd is 5, and gets a lot of "love me ups" she would love something as pretty as this! My cm is 6girlsrock, and you can leave me a pm if you would like. Thanks for the chance to win! Stop on my page and say hello, if yu get a chance! Take care!

Amanda said...

Thanks everyone, keep em coming! Tanya, unfortunately no I can't claim the handbag pattern as my own... it's a 'new look' pattern. Thanks!

bethany said...

I love the Madison dress-did you make up the pattern for that? So cute!!
BTW-In case you are interested, I host a different giveaway from an Etsy shop every Monday..come and check it out!!

Fawn Greaves said...

Absolutely adorable skirt! I would love to be entered for it :-) I found you on CM :-)
Fawn G

cinnamonspice said...

You're on my blog now!!! Sweet skirt and great giveaway idea.

aebaby said...

I love this skirt- really and the colors are great. But my fav is the ruffle/ twirl top and matching pants in the pink and white stripes!

Shelley said...

First time to happen on your blog - found it through Jennifer Paganelli. Speaking of, I love the fabrics you've chosen for the ruffly skirt. I'm a huge fan pink and brown - and an even bigger fan of Miss Sis Boom. Thanks for offering such a gorgeous giveaway :)

Tabitha said...

I love the little apples & pears romper. I am fond of rompers!

Tabitha of ,


I was sent over by "mybug"! I'm just now getting into this whole Etsy site, and your clothes are too cute! I'm really loving the Pink Twirly shirt and pants outfit. I have 4 girls, so I'm always looking for new/unique outfits. My email is, and I blogged about it on my blog at Thanks!

tina said...

I definitely enjoy all of your stuff! I have you on my blog reader and as contact on Flickr. I blogged about your fabulous giveway at
Looking forward to seeing more of your creations.

carrie said...

love, love, love your shop!!!
i posted your contest on my cafemom page!

thanks!!! i will definitely send you pics of lily wearing your skirt if i win!!!!

Angie Vinez said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Angie Vinez said...

You have the most adorable items in your etsy shop! I added you to my favorites. The Beach Baby Flamingo and Palm Tree Set Ruffled Top and Matching Capris was the first thing to catch my eye. I LOVE the colors!!

The skirt would be perfect for my almost 2 year old. She loves to dress girly, but is the biggest tomboy on the face of the earth. Just like her momma, I guess. :)

Today's my first time on your blog. I found it through a friend and fellow crafter on CafeMom, Carrie. Thanks for the heads up, Carrie! I'll be stopping by here more often!

Ok, I blogged about you here, and added the clickable graphic:

And I blogged about here here and added the clickable graphic:

Thanks for the opportunity to enter!

Vanessa Cordt said...

Hi, I saw someone posting about this on their website. I love your Madison Dress! It's ADORABLE!!!

I plan on trying to blog on my myspace & cafemom

My email address is

Natalie said...

I saw your contest on my friend Angie Vinez's blog and even though I never win anything, the skirt was so cute I figured I had to give it a shot! I also love your Twirly Pink Fun outfit and the Madison Dress.

I posted your link and graphic on my Facebook page here: and blogged about your contest and posted the link in my Yuwie blog here:

Thank you for the opportunity!

My email address is:

Anonymous said...

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