Wednesday, August 6, 2008

How ‘bout them Dawgs!!!

The first UGA game is August 30th!!! Less than a month away! We (Matt, myself, Kaytlin, most of my family members, and MOST of my friends… well, all except Josh, he’s a Tech fan… heffer… lol, Kaytlin gives him hell about it, well… we all kinda do).

So what better way to commemorate the first game than making something absolutely adorable for Kaytlin that goes with the theme?!?! This is what I have in the works. At first I wanted it to be a skirt with matching appliqué top and I wanted to make a twirly skirt tutorial, but honestly I’d rather make it a dress or something. I think I might still make a tutorial though, and include pattern pieces for the bodice (and maybe some other pieces) in a PDF. Here’s what I’ve got so far… a ton of cut up squares and a strip that was going to be the casing for the waistband. I love the fabric combo…. UGA, red polka dots, black polka dots, and Michael Miller paw prints. May I just say that the makers of the UGA fabric did a terrible job of printing it. The fabric is kind of like a grid…. And it wasn’t printed straight on the bolt, plus those straight white lines… not very straight when you hold a ruler up to it to cut on them… I adore the print, but if I could buy the same thing from a different manufacturer I would. PS- I decided against the gingham band if I do the skirt, it just didn't match as well as I thought it would.

And here’s that tiered skirt I mentioned before. I still need to wrangle up K for a little “photo shoot” so I can list this skirt on etsy, but we’ve been super busy lately. For the last few months she’s dreaded “modeling”. Like the milk mustache? We were running out the door and I wanted to snap some pics just in case she spilled koolaid on it before we got to do a real modeling session.

I’ve been employed to make some soft fold roman shades. I’m excited and nervous at the same time. The instructions are relatively simple, but geez cutting 2 ½ YARDS in a straight line sounds just a tad bit intimidating. Luckily I’ve got a yard stick and some awesome scissors! I’ll post progress pics.

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