Saturday, August 2, 2008


I received my fabric yesterday and cut it all up this morning... four little lovelies coming soo! I was going to write a tutorial on how to get two adorable skirts out of one yard of fabric, I took pictures and everything, then the iphone got wiped out... photos gone... therefore no tutorial. Shucks! Maybe if someone shows interest in how to get two skirts out of one yard (or two half yards, which is what I did) then I'll do it again, photos and all. I will post pics of the skirts in my next entry... I tried to take pics today but it was raining outside... and inside pics with my cam aren't nearly as good.
I just ordered the nylon chiffon to make Kaytlin's pettiskirt mentioned in my previous post!!! I'm so freakin excited! I hope it doesn't take too long!! I just can't wait to chop it up. Most people look at pettiskirts and think they're hard. Being that I've never actually made one, I could be totally wrong in saying this, BUT I'm gonna... it doesn't really look that hard. It looks like the hardest part is just cutting it all up, which shouldn't be too hard since it's all straight lines and repeating lengths etc. It'll be pretty time consuming... shirring up more yardage than I ever thought possible and all... but not really hard per se, just time consuming. Hard is a wedding dress, HARD is a dress that requires buttons, a zipper, criss cross bodice, turned straps, multiple layers to be hemmed, gathering AND beading. We're talking rectangles, shirring, and straight stitching. Alright, I'm starting to sound cocky.

I would just like to know where in the world these etsy sellers are getting there nylon chiffon though. Side note: I'm going to write an awesome tutorial on how to make these (because there's no way in the world I'd make one to sell, I'd make like nothing per hour.... it'll be easy to make but very time consuming therefore not very profitable compared to hours spent making). If I put a lot of effort into the tutorial I'll probably sell it for $5 though... or at least at first. Because honestly there isn't a single GOOD tutorial to make a pettiskirt... or at least not one that I found. Yeah, I watched the martha video (and read the instructions)... very vague... that gal doesn't want to tell folks how to make her skirts, she came on that show to promote her skirts, not to teach others this wonderful skill she has. LOL! She ran through those directions like it was nothing, and took no time to provide measurements to make any size bigger than what the babies in the audience were wearing. Nicely done. Then there are other tutorials. They were helpful... but my number one biggest complaint about this whole process was the measurements. I couldn't find measurements to make one for my DD sz 4T... they were mostly all for babies. It took me forever to figure out how much yardage to purchase and honestly I'm still not sure. I ordered more than I thought I'd need though, 16 yards. Some gals on ebay talk about having a 45 yard pettiskirt... no stinkin way you're fitting 45 yards of fabric into one skirt. I am pretty sure they are referring to the lengths of all of the cuts combined lol.... that and HELLO they're charging $60-80 for something that takes hours to create (I don't care how talented, if you tell me you made one of these in an hour I'll tell ya you're lieing and ask you to show me ).

Okay... this has become way too long.

Because I have no pictures to share, I'm posting these..... I absolutely love the new Ava Rose fabric from Grand Revival Designs! That's on my list of fabrics to order SOON! I love love love the blue fabric with the roses, paired up with the white with pink polka dots! You guys should click the link.... the blog is amazing.


DreamgirlLisa said...

I can't wait to see that skirt when you are done. I would love to do one for my niece who is soooo into ballet and dancing. You are talking about the fluffy ballerina type skirts, right? I just bought one for her that was over $40 w/ tax, and I would have loved to have made it myself. I wondered about the fabric, that must be what you are talking about, the nylon netting. Hurry and finish:)!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I belong to a group called CGBattic. It is a yahoo group, and Ashley ordered the fabrics wholesale. Maybe you should join if you love fabrics. You will just love the prices.