Monday, November 17, 2008

Gifts for in the kitchen

This year, we're giving lots of handmades. I've already started working on crochet stuff and I've got several things in mind. I wish I could take pictures of the crochet stuff I've made thus far, but my camera is BUSTED. =-(
I'm here today to share with you an awesome idea... cookie mix in a jar!

The recipe and directions are available here.

Here are my suggestions-
1) Save money on the jars by buying them from thrift stores. One good wash and they are good as new. You can buy lids from the grocery store. The jars are the expensive parts. Lucky for me, I have tons thanks to my mom.
2) I like what they did with the ric rac. You could also use raffia, hemp rope, or a strip of fabric that coordinates with the fabric you used for the top.
3) Handwrite the recipe on a nice recipe card for added charm.
4) Pair the jar with a handmade apron and wooden spoon for a nice little kitchen gift set.
5) Instead of chocolate morsels, add Christmas colored M&Ms.

More Handmade Holidays ideas to come =)


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