Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I'm still alive

Christmas really burned out my craftiness. I took on entirely too much. I haven't made anything since the day before Christmas. I've cut up a few things but they're just sitting on my sewing table. I've got some things to share, but no pictures. I just lost all interest. I do want to share what my stepdad made me for Christmas- a gorgeous mahogany wood thread rack and a quilt rack. My mom made me a darling wreath for my sewing room. Once I actually put that room back together I'll post pix! Here's Kaytlin's Christmas dress, I made it. I love the way it turned out. It was a challenge, ruffling all of that fabric... two layers of tulle net, thick taffeta, and the lining.

I had my surgery. You can find me at my user name is kaytiebugs. I'm six days out. I haven't had solid foods in three weeks. I've lost 21 pounds and it's only getting better. I think for now my primary focus needs to be my health, not obsessive crafting and hoarding.



Anonymous said...

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Ashton Miyako said...

Hello dear. I do love your blog and your projects. I wanted to comment on this post because my mother had gastric bypass surgery almost a year ago. Just wondering if you ever needed someone to talk to, she is a very nice woman and would be willing to help you with anything, discuss your fears, feeling or just talk.

My mom weighed in at a little over 300lbs before she went in for surgery.

I think she has lost over 90lbs in less than a year now.

Let me know.

xoxo to you and yours.